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Great Dance Tips!

Dance Tips 1
Don't forget the beat! Ultimately you're dancing to music. Music has rhythm and you must dance in rhythm or your dancing will not flow to the music.
Dance Tips 2
Ladies: when dancing with a partner, consider putting your hair up. It can be painful if your hair is whipping across his face during twists and turns.
Coffee Tips 3
Always stretch thoroughly before a dance performance of any kind. Concentrate on the calves, hamstrings, and pelvic region.
Dance Tips 4
Dancing is all about practicing all of the moves until you get them right. Professionals make it loose easy, but they put in hours and hours of work to look as good as they do out on the dance floor.
Dance Tips 5
Dancers, this may seem obvious, but avoid smelly foods like onions and garlic. Your partner doesn't want to smell that.
Dance Tips 6
Consider washing leotards or tights by hand. These are delicates and can tear easily.
Dance Tips 7
Try to dance with as many people as possible, not just one partner. This will make you a better dancer.
Dance Tips 8
To be versatile, touch on all the different dance styles. Experiment and take dance lessons in Modern dance, tap dance, ballet dancing, belly dancing, mideastern, Irish, Merengue, Cha Cha, Salsa Dancing, Spanish Flamenco Dancing, Improvisational dancing, Ballroom dancing, Folk dancing, Swing Dance, Street dance, Line Dancing, Polka, Two Step, Shuffle, Barn Dance, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Bolero, Jitterbug, The Charleston, Shag Dancing, Breakdancing, Hip Hop, Disco dancing, Jazz Dance, and more.
Dance Tips 9
Take the time to learn basic dance skills even if you just want to learn social dancing. Pay attention to correct foot positions and proper posture. These things can help overall balance in any type of dance situation.
Dance Tips 10
Release your inhibitions. Dancing is an art of endless styles. Feel the beat, let loose, and don't be shy of the people around you on the dance floor. They are more than likely too engrossed in their own movements to be worried about how you're dancing!


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